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We invite you to read some of the comments we have received from our clients.

"I wish I had met (our B2B CFO® partner) and read Jerry Mills' books (The Danger Zone & Avoiding The Danger Zone) 20 years ago when I started my first business. I was a scientist with some great ideas for a business, but no real idea on how to implement them properly from a business perspective. I had to learn a lot of things the hard knocks way, all which I can find examples of in (Mills') books, and it cost me a lot doing it that way. (Our B2B CFO ® partner) has the ability to see our issues from an unemotional and outside perspective with a simplified business view that prevents us from making irrational or costly business decisions."

John Fontana, President, Vista GeoScience

"(Our B2B CFO® partner) has been associated with my business for nearly fifteen years. He has helped train and over see my accounting staff. This has given me peace of mind as this is not my area of expertise. His network of professionals has helped me establish no hassle relationships with quality lawyers and bankers. In my small company environment, (his) broad range of business acumen has been a great substitute for a larger company's board of directors. It has been very cost effective as I am only paying for services rendered as I need them, thus eliminating the need for excessive staff."

Tom Stanley, President, Pinnacle Mfg. Co., Inc.

"I have been in contracting for over 22 years. It wasn't until (our B2B CFO® partner) came on board that I was able to see a much clearer picture regarding everything from cash flow, sales, margins, trends, etc. It also helped me manage my staff because (he) was very hands on with training as it relates to construction accounting. I am very pleased with the work ethics, integrity and the personal attention to detail. I have recommended (him) to several clients and will continue to do so in the future."

Scott A. Bjerk, President, Bjerk Builders, Inc.

"(Our B2B CFO® partner) has straightened out the accounting mess that has existed for 15 years in our small business. We now have a set of financials that we can really use to analyze the performance of our business."

Tyler Winner, President, The Winner Institute, Inc.

"(Our B2B CFO® partner) is the finest CFO I've worked with. My background includes senior management at both CBS and Time-Warner, Inc., so I am relatively hard to impress. (He) is impressive."

George Daly, CEO, About Records, LLC

"(Our B2B CFO® partner) came in and saved our business. He helped us with a presentation to our bank and helped us get a handle on our costs and pricing structure. (He) gave us the confidence to service markets we previously were not in. Thank God for (our B2B CFO® partner) and B2B CFO®!"

Cary Dillman, President, Dillman Farm, Inc.

"It is not enough to be great at your individual field of endeavor. You must be good at business generically. That is the foundation of a successful relationship between a business owner and their B2B CFO®. Successful companies are well managed companies. This is the expertise that my B2B CFO® brings to my company. Whatever you pay your B2B CFO®, you'll make back ten-fold. This is the best business decision I've ever made!"

Lawrence M. Kent, Owner, Kent Systems L.L.C.

"We located (our B2B CFO® partner) through B2B CFO® and brought him in to assist our business as interim CFO when we started. (He) provided us with experienced guidance and added value during the period he worked with us. Having the benefit of (his) expertise on an "as needed" basis was invaluable to our fledgling company. (His) rates are reasonable and well worth the services he provides. We still reach out to (him) when we have sophisticated transactional/financial questions and I highly recommend (him) to anyone who has need of a high degree of financial/business sophistication and expertise but is not yet ready or able to commit to employing a full-time CFO."

Erik Gabell, COO & Principal, Paradigm Realty Alliance, LLC

"Having (our B2B CFO® partner) come into my office and help me is like me having a CFO from a very large successful company stop in to help. (He) goes right to the big picture. His comments and advice are high level from his years of experience. Because of (him), I finally have financial reports that I understand. The rest of my office is thrilled with the clarity of both the reports we now get and (his) comments that make so much sense to everyone. An analogy that comes to mind is that of driving down the road at night. It is now like I finally turned on my headlights and I can see the road in front of me. Also, (he) helps post road signs that both give me warnings of where I am headed and identifies opportunities that I may take. I wish I had done this years ago. I highly recommend (him)."

Michael Nolen, President, Michael Anthony Homes

"There is no way a small company like ours could afford to hire a person with the expertise and stature of a Fortune 100 CFO like (our B2B CFO® partner), except through B2B CFO®. His talents in both financial management and operational goal setting and measurement have taken us to a new level. Add in the ability to list somebody who has worked with a former Treasury Secretary on our bio page and what more could you ask for?"

Jay Goth, CEO, Arriba Financial Services, Inc.

The B2B CFO® GamePlan™

The people we serve

We serve owners of companies with revenues up to $75 million that want to increase cash, profitability, sales and company value.

Our attitude of respect

We recognize the wisdom of the adage, "The world consists of two types of people, those who act and those who are acted upon." We realize you are of the former group.

Entrepreneurs are the geniuses of our generation. With approximately 330 million Americans in the United States, your group, entrepreneurs and business owners, consists of about 8% of the population of our great country. Yet despite that small percentage, you and your peers employ 70% to 75% of the W-2 employees of our nation! As such, we understand that the future economic recovery of our country rests upon your shoulders.

We recognize the complexity of that burden and want to help you, even if it is, seemingly, in a small way. For it is often from small things that great things derive. The acorn seed is smaller than a quarter, but it can give birth to the Oak tree which can grow more than 60 feet in height and live for centuries. And so it is with business owners.

Are you familiar with the story of Hewlett-Packard? Today, it's one of the world's largest information technology companies. But what you might not know is that the company was created with just $900 in a one-car garage by two entrepreneurs, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. They were entrepreneurs with a seed of an idea. They risked all they had on their idea and achieved great success.

Why did you start your business?

We often ask business owners the question, "Why did you start or buy your business?" This is a fun question to ask because of the diverse reasons owners give. Some of the responses are:

  • "I had an idea about how to make things work better."
  • "I wanted to make a difference."
  • "So I could be my own boss."
  • "I was better than anyone at my old job and could do things better."

We refer to you as a 'Finder'

Our firm has its own distinctive terminology, which refers to you and your peers as 'Finders'. We've even written about your characteristics in our book, The Danger Zone:

Finders are the leaders of the company. They are not necessarily the people who lead all company employees on a daily basis. Finders demonstrate the type of leadership that "pulls" people into the future - employees, current customers and future customers.

Finders demonstrate some specific attributes that are essential to this success. There are numerous terms that can describe the leadership of a Finder; the following few will give you the main idea.

  • Visionary
  • Idea generator
  • Innovator or dreamer
  • Catalyst for future change
  • Relationship builder or creator

You will notice that all of the above attributes or future functions require action. Hence, Finders are all about the future. They do not live in the past. They view the past as a tool from which to learn, not as a place in which to dwell (The Danger Zone, Lost In The Growth Transition, pp. 25- 26).

Finders often become frustrated

It is our experience that Finders often become frustrated with the day-to-day grind of running a business, which often takes them away from their original goals of starting the business.

The B2B CFO® GamePlan™

The purpose of the B2B CFO® GamePlan™ is to help Finders either get on track or keep them on track with their original goals and objectives of starting and/or purchasing their company. The B2B CFO® GamePlan™ consists of six separate steps:

The Discovery Analysis™

  • Confidentially meet with the business owner(s), then interview company staff
  • Look at the company's financial information and computer systems
  • Benchmark financial information against industry averages
  • Create a confidential report of our findings in The Strategy GamePlan™

The Strategy Process™

  • Confidentially discuss the key findings from The Discovery Analysis™
  • Review The Strategy GamePlan™
  • Discuss a preliminary timeline for The Strategy GamePlan™
  • Agree on the proposed costs for The Strategy GamePlan™
  • Initiate a preliminary discussion about Finders, Minders & Grinders ℠

The Strategy Implementation™

  • Begin the implementation of the items agreed upon in The Strategy GamePlan™
  • Identify and train staff/others that will assist with The Strategy Implementation™
  • Meet with the owner(s) to discuss the progress made
  • Continue discussions about Finders, Minders & Grinders ℠

The Results Solution™

  • Report the results of The Strategy Implementation™
  • Discuss any non-numerical benefits achieved (less stress, more free time, etc.)
  • Plan the next step, either The Excel Experience™, or The Exit Strategy™

The Excel Experience™ (Excel – to do extremely well, surpass, outclass, outrival)

  • Create an ongoing relationship with your company as a trusted long-term business advisor
  • Assist your company with its goals to surpass, outclass and outrival key competitors
  • Identify efficiencies and processes to increase profit and cash
  • Help with financial and goal clarity

The Exit Strategy™

  • Start The Exit Strategy™, using Finding the Exit®
  • We recommend that you read our book, Avoiding The Danger Zone, Business Illusions, to gain more knowledge about exit strategies

What's the next step?

We invite you to call upon one of our professionals to deliver a complimentary Discovery Analysis™ of your company. The process is confidential and will not take much of your time.

Something about our professionals

B2B CFO® is unique. Unlike a full-time chief financial officer or part-time CFO (interim CFO, temporary CFO, fractional CFO, contract CFO, or other companies that provide CFO services), we create a long-term, professional relationship with an affordable as-needed basis. Services are provided objectively by seasoned partners who average 25 years of experience.

We can help with the simple things, such as helping to improve cash flow, or the more complicated matters, such as a business exit. As you'll discover, with more than 6,000 years of collective experience and a multitude of national partnership resources, there isn't much we can't do for you.

Article Source: The B2B CFO® GamePlan™